Saturday, June 26, 2010

Man Lunch

Hubby has been on his own for lunches. He found it really hard to put together a lunch when we weren't home to cook. Leftovers started looking like jewels in the fridge! :)

Whenever I make fried rice I make a big batch. And I always cook extra potstickers for his lunch the next day. Throw in some carrots, and blueberries and its a complete meal!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bento lunch for Mommy and Baby

This was a super quick lunch, frantically whipped up as the baby was waking up from her nap!

I have a pb&j, strawberry, and cheese. Very exciting :)
Bento Baby has a small pb&j, strawberries, cheese, kiks, rasins, and dried apricots.

Still here! :)

Bento baby is doing wonderfully. She is dealing with some highly justifiable anxiety and so needs my attention all day. It makes it a little hard to get anything done (like blog posts) but she is such a joy to me.

This bento was for hubby. He has a sandwich, strawberries, almonds with chocolate chips, pretzels, cheese and carrots.