Saturday, November 20, 2010

Date night, candy tasting

One day hubby and I were driving for a few hours. We had a box of chocolates in the car without the paper telling us which chocolate is what. We had the best time laughing and eating these chocolates. Hubby thought another box of chocolates would be fun. What about the pomegranates? I found out to my surprised that hubby has never had a pomegranate. I loved these as a child, my mom would purchase them all the time. Hubby had to have one!
Box of chocolates $8
1 Pomegranate $2.50
2 Fantas from the coke plant .50
Total $11
Unfortunately this was not a very yummy box of chocolates, plus it had just 4/5 varieties. That is not fun for our purposes. We have more then half of it left over. The pomegranate was fun, but very messy. Its not a very um, seductive activity to spit seeds in front of your partner. We enjoyed it but save this for someone your very comfortable with. After we ate our pomegranate hubby and I played several rounds of our favorite Sorry Revenge game.
We had a great night together, laughing and joking. At one point my pomegranate exploded out of my hands and showered seeds every where. It was awesome. I was able to spend some time focused on my husband, have a few treats, and enjoy hubby without spending a fortune or needing a baby sitter for bento baby. Success!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Operation Christmas Child.

I was introduced to Operation Christmas Child through money saving mom. She posted about filling shoe boxes frugally. I had never heard of this ministry before, but i was definitely intrigued. I love giving. Its my favorite part of Christmas! When my church mentioned collecting shoe boxes I jumped on it. We planned to pack just one box because we donate to many other causes at Christmas. However hubby and I had big eyes, and we ended up with more then enough for two. I had set myself a budget of $40.
Box Number 1 cost $13.91
Box number 2 cost $12.83

Total $26.74

We were able to keep it in budget by using a few free items, a few multi packs from the dollar store, and a decent toy sale. My husband says the lego car 'rocks'. :) $26.74 + the $14 donation asked for, means we spent $40.74. Just slightly over budget.

If your able there is still time to pack a shoe box. I would encourage you to watch the videos on the Operation Christmas Child website. The video from Oksana Nelson really touched my heart. Adopting from an orphanage is personal to me, and her study of hope made me bawl.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Date night, nerd style.

My husband was elated to find this brand new Trivia Pursuit Star Wars game at the thrift store. For a mere $7 (his spending money) he walked away with this treasure. And started pestering me to play it. I greatly dislike Star Wars. And hubby is quite a fan. There is no way I will win against him. Did I mention he's super competitive too? I agreed to play 1 round of his game on date night, IF its followed by a game of Scene It Friends. (we went without cable for 2 years but i had all 10 friends seasons. They were played ALOT) We had our activity all set but snacks were still in the air. A quick trip to Grocery Outlet gave us our munchies.
Mondo bag of my favorite popcorn $4
Dagoba (star wars, for real) chocolate for hubby $3
Chevrai Bruschetta goat cheese (1 pound) $3
3 (not pictured) cans of soda from the Coke plant .75
Total $10.75
You may ask why i didn't include dh's $7 game. Because it wasn't purchased for Date night. My playing it on Date night is a gift to my husband. If we included his game we would also have to include my $20 game that was purchased years ago. This week's date night is all about snacks! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kicking myself

I finally get BentoBaby and myself to Walgreens to do our weekly coupon run. We buy $25 worth of stuff for $11 and walk out with $5 in register rewards. I'm pleased. Bentobaby has a freak out in the parking lot. Poor girl is terrified of cars. She freaks out every time we are in a parking lot. I'm used to is. But even so i managed to leave our purchase in the cart. I'm so bummed! I had two fruit and nuts bars in there. I did call to see if someone had turned in our purchase, but alas no one did. I truly hope who ever kept our items needed them! Thankfully i have chocolate upstairs. :)