Monday, November 15, 2010

Operation Christmas Child.

I was introduced to Operation Christmas Child through money saving mom. She posted about filling shoe boxes frugally. I had never heard of this ministry before, but i was definitely intrigued. I love giving. Its my favorite part of Christmas! When my church mentioned collecting shoe boxes I jumped on it. We planned to pack just one box because we donate to many other causes at Christmas. However hubby and I had big eyes, and we ended up with more then enough for two. I had set myself a budget of $40.
Box Number 1 cost $13.91
Box number 2 cost $12.83

Total $26.74

We were able to keep it in budget by using a few free items, a few multi packs from the dollar store, and a decent toy sale. My husband says the lego car 'rocks'. :) $26.74 + the $14 donation asked for, means we spent $40.74. Just slightly over budget.

If your able there is still time to pack a shoe box. I would encourage you to watch the videos on the Operation Christmas Child website. The video from Oksana Nelson really touched my heart. Adopting from an orphanage is personal to me, and her study of hope made me bawl.

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