Saturday, November 13, 2010

Date night, nerd style.

My husband was elated to find this brand new Trivia Pursuit Star Wars game at the thrift store. For a mere $7 (his spending money) he walked away with this treasure. And started pestering me to play it. I greatly dislike Star Wars. And hubby is quite a fan. There is no way I will win against him. Did I mention he's super competitive too? I agreed to play 1 round of his game on date night, IF its followed by a game of Scene It Friends. (we went without cable for 2 years but i had all 10 friends seasons. They were played ALOT) We had our activity all set but snacks were still in the air. A quick trip to Grocery Outlet gave us our munchies.
Mondo bag of my favorite popcorn $4
Dagoba (star wars, for real) chocolate for hubby $3
Chevrai Bruschetta goat cheese (1 pound) $3
3 (not pictured) cans of soda from the Coke plant .75
Total $10.75
You may ask why i didn't include dh's $7 game. Because it wasn't purchased for Date night. My playing it on Date night is a gift to my husband. If we included his game we would also have to include my $20 game that was purchased years ago. This week's date night is all about snacks! :)

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