Friday, June 1, 2012

Flats and Flips

Did you score the flips on sale? Buy 2 get 1 free comes out to $8 a diaper. I'm a big fan of flips, they dry quickly and fit well on my kids. But I didn't buy the Flips inserts. The stay dry liner is $5 by itself or a 3 pack sells for $12. The organic is $8 or you can buy a 3 pack for $20. The inserts add quite a bit to the price of the diaper. (not on sale flip is $14 plus a $5 insert = $19! That is twice my target of price of $10 or less a diaper)

What is a frugal (cheap) mama to use? Those $1 tea towels aka flats.

Flip diaper with tea towel inset
Folded with tea towel inside

With added Bum Genius stay dry insert layer
Added hemp insert with stay dry layer
I find the tea towels to be pretty absorbent. Not the most fun to clean poo off of (even with a diaper sprayer) but I tend to use them when it would be odd for my babies to poop. I do like adding a stay dry layer, i don't want the babies to feel wet. My hemp inserts were bought used (no idea what brand) and the Bum Genius ones were a gift. I use the hemp ones for Baby E since she's our chunky girl.

Price options
Flips on sale $8 + $5 stay dry insert = $13
Flip on sale $8 + $1 tea towel = $9
Flip on sale $8 + $1 tea towel + stay dry doubler ($2 each) = $11

Bonus the tea towel can be used as a diaper by itself. A $5 insert is still just an insert, The $1 tea towel can be folded into a diaper. You can even use the stay dry doubler on the inside of the tea towel diaper. :) I love having multiple uses for the same product!