Saturday, November 28, 2009

More walgreens!

Dh and I hit 4 different Walgreen's stores in a big loop today. we were running other errands as well and decided to take advantage of the last sale day. Two of the stores were almost totally cleaned out, we were not able to get as many items as we hoped for. But we did get all this! Total for all these things? $13.75! At least $8 of that was on filler items. Dh wanted the coke, the wii candy toy will be a present for my fil and $4 for the children's items. The kids' items will go to the giving tree. If we were blessed to have children, the 2 coloring books, puzzle, 3 cars, 4 pencils, 2 packs of markers and a chocolate snowman would fill a stocking. For a grand total of $4.50!

Yesterday's and today's Walgreen's buys came to a total of $32.25 with a savings of $101.41. We ended up buying:
1 pack of Soleil razor blades
5 bottles Johnson body wash
5 bottles Infusium conditioner
5 women's Dove deodorants
2 right guard deodorants
2 bottles Nivea shave cream
1 pack crayons
2 packs markers
2 coloring books
1 puzzle
3 toy cars
1 candy
4 pencils
1 toy wii mote
1 coke.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Bento for foster care training.

Last week Dh and I had an all day foster training in an unfamiliar city. I packed a lunch so we wouldn't have to spend money, or look for a place to eat. The training building ended up having a cafeteria, which is where most people ate. I looked at their menu. A plain old boring sandwich and fries cost $5. Food for dh and I would have been $10. We would have had less time to eat. Instead of a plain sandwich we had:

The first tiffin bowl has goldfish, chocolate almonds, trail mix and dried cantaloupe. The second bowl has carrots for both of us, hummus, ranch and turkey. The third bowl has broccoli, and 3 pot stickers. My bento has goldfish, almonds, chex cereal, and mango. The other level has pot stickers and turkey.
I wanted to do something special so i made us raspberries covered in white chocolate. Its important to keep lunch interesting!
Our lunch looked far more appetizing then the plain jane sandwiches. I was laughing because a lot of people starred with interested eyes at our lunch but no one would ask us a question.

Black Friday

Do you shop black Friday? We went out for Walmart's 32" flat screen. Since we were already out we stopped at Walgreens for their deals. I didn't use coupons, I'm way behind on coupons. We went at 6 am and they were totally empty of people with all the deals in stock.

Without using coupons we spent $18.50 on all of this. Dh and I did a total of 3 transactions. The first one was the shave cream, a deodorant, body wash, and conditioner. I used $7 in register rewards. Total came to $11.96 with a total savings of $11.20. Dh and I went to a different store several hours later. He bought the razor blades, crayons, and conditioner. He used $10 in register rewards. His total came to $1.70, with a total savings of $16. I bought the 2nd bottle of body wash, and the second deodorant for $4.84. I used $6 in register rewards. Total savings was $6.50.

Before sales total would be $52.20

we spent $18.50

Saved a total of $33.70

Ended up with $16 in register rewards.

We could have saved more with coupons but I'm pleased with our savings. Dh and I both love having a stockpile of cheap goods! The crayons will go to someone on the giving tree, we're even stockpiling good deals for that! lol.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Travel bento full of snacks

I made a bentos for my sister in law and mother in law. They were taking a 2 day road trip and i wanted to send them snacks. Plus, i wanted to introduce them to bentos! The snacks had to be dry goods. I sent peanuts, chocolate almonds, mango, pretzels, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat things, and cashews. My mother in law loved the treats, she said they were super cute and fun.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bento for the road

I love the large box for travel. Having all the food in one level makes it way easier to eat in the car. It holds plenty of variety, and is easy to use. Using the tiffin in the car is super difficult! Its hard to tell but the sandwich halves are stacked on top of each other. There is also mango, yogurt almonds, more mango sunflower seeds, chocolate almonds, and ritz crackers. Yummy, easy and great for the car!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Sorry to be gone so long!
This bento has raspberries and sugar in the elephant, carrots and ranch in the bear, Cheetos and mango in the bottom with peanut butter roll ups on the side.

This one has peanut butter roll ups, carrots, grapes and mango.