Friday, November 27, 2009

Bento for foster care training.

Last week Dh and I had an all day foster training in an unfamiliar city. I packed a lunch so we wouldn't have to spend money, or look for a place to eat. The training building ended up having a cafeteria, which is where most people ate. I looked at their menu. A plain old boring sandwich and fries cost $5. Food for dh and I would have been $10. We would have had less time to eat. Instead of a plain sandwich we had:

The first tiffin bowl has goldfish, chocolate almonds, trail mix and dried cantaloupe. The second bowl has carrots for both of us, hummus, ranch and turkey. The third bowl has broccoli, and 3 pot stickers. My bento has goldfish, almonds, chex cereal, and mango. The other level has pot stickers and turkey.
I wanted to do something special so i made us raspberries covered in white chocolate. Its important to keep lunch interesting!
Our lunch looked far more appetizing then the plain jane sandwiches. I was laughing because a lot of people starred with interested eyes at our lunch but no one would ask us a question.

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