Saturday, November 28, 2009

More walgreens!

Dh and I hit 4 different Walgreen's stores in a big loop today. we were running other errands as well and decided to take advantage of the last sale day. Two of the stores were almost totally cleaned out, we were not able to get as many items as we hoped for. But we did get all this! Total for all these things? $13.75! At least $8 of that was on filler items. Dh wanted the coke, the wii candy toy will be a present for my fil and $4 for the children's items. The kids' items will go to the giving tree. If we were blessed to have children, the 2 coloring books, puzzle, 3 cars, 4 pencils, 2 packs of markers and a chocolate snowman would fill a stocking. For a grand total of $4.50!

Yesterday's and today's Walgreen's buys came to a total of $32.25 with a savings of $101.41. We ended up buying:
1 pack of Soleil razor blades
5 bottles Johnson body wash
5 bottles Infusium conditioner
5 women's Dove deodorants
2 right guard deodorants
2 bottles Nivea shave cream
1 pack crayons
2 packs markers
2 coloring books
1 puzzle
3 toy cars
1 candy
4 pencils
1 toy wii mote
1 coke.

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