Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Do you shop black Friday? We went out for Walmart's 32" flat screen. Since we were already out we stopped at Walgreens for their deals. I didn't use coupons, I'm way behind on coupons. We went at 6 am and they were totally empty of people with all the deals in stock.

Without using coupons we spent $18.50 on all of this. Dh and I did a total of 3 transactions. The first one was the shave cream, a deodorant, body wash, and conditioner. I used $7 in register rewards. Total came to $11.96 with a total savings of $11.20. Dh and I went to a different store several hours later. He bought the razor blades, crayons, and conditioner. He used $10 in register rewards. His total came to $1.70, with a total savings of $16. I bought the 2nd bottle of body wash, and the second deodorant for $4.84. I used $6 in register rewards. Total savings was $6.50.

Before sales total would be $52.20

we spent $18.50

Saved a total of $33.70

Ended up with $16 in register rewards.

We could have saved more with coupons but I'm pleased with our savings. Dh and I both love having a stockpile of cheap goods! The crayons will go to someone on the giving tree, we're even stockpiling good deals for that! lol.

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