Saturday, September 17, 2011


This is another one of the wreaths I made. Its a small one, so I would charge $10. I think its really cute!
I bought 2 huge bags of supplies to make more. The problem with Michaels is they cycle supplies in and out so fast that I may not be able to find what I had bought 4 days before. It makes it tricky to have multiple wreaths of the same design.

My mom ended up deciding she liked the other wreath better. That one was my favorite too. Of course I couldn't find some of the flowers I need to make another lol.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Come home baby girl!

AHHH! our adoption facilitator thinks we may be able to get Elizabeth home as soon as Jan!!!!!! So much to do! And we need to raise a LOT of money between now and then!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wreath Fundraiser

I made 4 wreaths last night. One of them was for my mom. I let her pick which one she wanted, and she picked the top one.

This angel says 'Home Sweet Home' and they just moved into a new place. Its perfect for them!

I think this design needs some more work, but I like it. The wreath is wrapped in burlap strips. I think it has some potential. I think i'll sell this one for $20.

I'm going to keep making wreaths (though I'm almost out of supplies) in till I have an inventory for the Antique booth. I have a few listed on craigslist but I doubt they will sell there. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scentsy Fundraiser!

I am so excited to bring home our baby girl! To be able to look at her face and know some day i will hold her fills me with such joy. And I finally have something productive to do! Since this adoption came up so quickly and will be more expensive then we planned on, we need to raise funds.

An amazing lady, Mary who is adopting from Uganda herself has set us up a Scentsy party for help raise funds. Mary is donating her commission from the party to us for our adoption fund! What a blessing! If you need some Scentsy products, perhaps some Christmas gifts? Please give our link a look! we'll be doing some other fund raising activities as well. I bought supplies to make wreaths, and my husband will make survival bracelets. I'm hoping to raise more then we need so we can make a big donation to the orphanage! I'm still praising God today, the journey he has given us is amazing!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Life is crazy. As of last week we are no longer adopting from Ethiopia. There were many reasons why we had to quit. It wasn't a decision we made lightly, it broke our hearts.

Two days later we get a message from the agency. There is a 3 month old baby girl in the Congo who needs a home. Could we be that home? I cant begin to tell you the shock and amazement i felt at that moment. The baby is healthy, and the adoption could be completed in 6 months! Exactly the time we have left to do an international adoption. God is amazing. We think we're adopting from Ethiopia but God knew all along that wasn't our path. In 5- 6 months my husband will be bringing back our baby girl. Life is crazy. But oh so good.