Sunday, October 11, 2009

Adoption News

The little 1 year old foster baby was not placed with us. We don't know why, his worker just stopped calling. Very annoying!

Our adoption fund has been bumped up to $1,400 with the addition of $1,000 from hubby's bonus. That was such a nice jump! :)

We do have another possibility on the line. This adoption would be a private adoption, for a little baby with high medical needs. Pending a few medical details, dh and I are ready to move forward. Cautiously of course, every time we get close to a baby something happens! This little one is a month old and in a totally different state. If we go forward and baby is still in the NICU I will be flying out immediately, the thought of the baby alone there breaks my heart! Needless to say I'm quite nervous/churned up and can't wait for Tuesday!

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