Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where are the Bentos?

I apologize for the lack of bentos this week. Unfortunately my camera was forgotten at my mom's house. I don't think bento posts work without a picture. I did have an opportunity to make bentos for my parents when we visited. Both of them really enjoyed them, even my mom who despite my efforts will not consider making bentos herself. She did tell me I'm allowed to make them for her whenever I want. Thanks mom! :)

Bento gear: last night at World Market I found a set of silicone mini muffin cups for $2.50! What a steal, they are far sturdier then the silicone cups from Dasio. I snapped up a set in green. So excited my poor husband was looking at me in shock. What can I say? Muffin cups get me excited! I also bought a new bento box that is super cute.

Once my camera is back I will be back to regular posts!

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