Friday, May 14, 2010

BentoBaby's first homemade bento lunch!

My first opportunity to pack BentoBaby a homemade bento. (our foster daughter has been nicknamed 'BentoBaby' by some wonderful friends of mine)

J's bento and mine.
J has two mini pb&j sandwiches, yogurt covered raisins (gap filler, only use with a cooler these things melt easily) avocado, ravioli, a baybel cheese, strawberries, sunflower seeds with chocolate chips, almonds, and goldfish. I have the same thing without nuts and seeds.

BentoBaby's bento.
She has ravoli, strawberry pieces, avocado, and a pb&j. She tried the avocado but spit it back out, lol. She didn't want anything to do with the strawberries even though she loves the freeze dried kind. BentoBaby ate her little sandwich (given to her in small pieces) and her raviolis, she also ate one of my sandwiches, a pureed fruit squeezie, freeze dried fruit, and a few goldfish. We'll keep offering her strawberries and avocado and maybe some day she'll eat them.
While at lunch i took a moment to watch my husband and baby eat the bento I had made for them, sharing and laughing. It was a moment of pure joy, long awaited and I cherish it.

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