Monday, May 3, 2010

Bento for big and little, and me!

A week ago we took hubby's little out for the day. It was a long tiring day and I wanted to make sure we had a filling lunch. Plus perfect time to try out my new bento supplies! I ran short on time, my very manly husband actually placed the nori faces on the food. That is love!

Little's bento, and mine. We both have turkey cheddar sandwiches, goldfish, strawberries, and a piece of Sin Dawg.

Then we have turkey stuffed 0nigiri, pot stickers, and carrots. Hubby's little is 9, and he made a BIG fuss about not liking rice. So I purposely packed onigiri for lunch. The kid devored it, he loved eating the nori face off his rice. It was awesome!

Hubby has the same thing with a broccoli addition.

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