Thursday, September 16, 2010


They happen sometimes, don't they? We do not mean to do something, but we do. And sometimes these little problems cost money. A speeding ticket, over draft, late bill, library fines. We've all been there.

Last week my husband finished painting our home. It was a long over due project! I was so excited! This Tuesday I walk outside to my back porch. I need a bag of veggies from the deep freeze. I reach inside to find everything very defrosted. Apparently when my husband finished painting he did not plug the freezer back in. The contents of the freezer are useless. What a blow! That is where I keep my carefully stocked up frozen meat. That i just recently restocked. Thankfully our freezer is small 5 cubic feet. But its still a loss. At a time when money is unusually tight no less.

Will you join me as i restock my freezer as carefully as i can? I'm starting with a blank canvas, and a super tight budget.

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