Saturday, September 18, 2010

Date Night

What is a couple to do when they don't use baby sitters but still want to have a special time with each other? We use date night. Frequently this means a movie, popcorn, and a treat. The treat is usually cake or ice cream bought on sale. Usually its not something I have to bake myself because that is not much fun for me. Sometimes its a cheese plate, chips and dip. Something we do not eat often that is a splurge. Tonight i had a different idea. Today we bought:

$2.50 orange juice
$11 bottle of champagne (huge splurge, we never drink!)
$3.50 bundle of wood (all of ours is wet!)

Total $17

Plus smores fixings leftover from dh's camping trip. We plan to sit outside around our fire pit, roast smores, and sip Mimosas. We can relax alone (away from the 7 animals, while baby is sleeping) but still be there if BentoBaby needs us (via baby monitor). Sounds like a perfect evening to me!

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