Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've been fighting a series case of discontentment lately. We need a bigger house in order to easily foster children. We can't afford a bigger house. We have to do our best and hope that social services accepts what we have to offer. Its so frustrating to me. And its been wearing down on my spirit.

Yesterday Hubby and I headed to IHOP for dinner. We eat a lot of on the go meals. But meals at a sit down restaurant are special. We were pretty excited. When we arrived at IHOP and we were seated we quickly realized there was just 1 waitress working. For the whole restaurant. It took half an hour to get our water. And another half an hour to get our dinner. Hubby and I were not pleased, we wanted to have a nice time. I could have easily become upset and blamed the waitress. But you know what? Its not her fault. She wasn't have fun. And I imagine her tips were suffering quite a lot. I want to show bentobaby how to extend grace. To understand that not everything is about me and how i feel, that I can see things from another person's perspective. How can I do that if I get all huffy because i'm inconvenienced?

Remember that discontent I'm fighting? In my cute, warm, safe house? Well God showed me just how lucky I am. A few minutes after we had been there I saw a woman return to work. She was cleaning the tables, floor etc. When I took my fussy toddler to the bathroom for a change I saw two young girls sitting alone in another part of the restaurant. They belonged to the woman who was cleaning. The girls were probably 7 and 9. They were bored stuck in the booth, trying to entertain themselves. My guess is the woman had no choice but to bring them to work with her. Probably doesn't have someone safe to watch them. And she probably needs to work to feed her kids. Wow God. Message received.

My life isn't perfect but it is very good and I need to be thankful. Somewhere out there a childless couple would give anything to have my fussy toddler. I know, because I've been a part of that couple. Someone would give anything to have my warm, small, but safe house. I have much to be thankful for. Its all a matter of perspective.

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