Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Small house

Our home isn't large. Its 1300 sq feet. It was huge to us at the time, but as our family grows and our stuff grows we're finding it more cozy. We can't afford to move and sell since the market bombed. We have to bloom where we are planted. One thing I'm quickly learning is that stuff makes the home feel smaller. More stuff equals less space. Of course that means we should be picky about what we buy (which should save money) but it also means stuff that isn't being used, has got to go!

Not only is our home cozy, its also laid out weird. Our main living area is downstairs. Upstairs there is a bedroom (where we do bentobaby's sensory things) a tiny bathroom, a hallway and a small nook. We store most of our things in the hallway because we don't have a garage. And yes, we do have to keep the 3rd van seat even though i think about getting rid of it every time i see it. Most of our food storage is upstairs too.

The old never used computer desk however, that is toast. I've been eyeing that spot. And when Bentobaby was very blessed with gifts it became necessary to do more then eye it. It was time to tackle it. It took a few hours of hauling things outside to the van and a few more hours of painting but now she has a cute little play nook.

So far i've spent $14 on paint $10 on paint supplies

And $3 on a goodwill shelf.

So $27 total.

I'm looking for another shelf from the thrift store, a Dora adventure rug, a used small table and chair, and I have a $14 well decal picked out. Probably a pair of comfy chairs for mom and dad too.

Its a small space but judging by the tantrums when we leave, she loves it. and i enjoy it too. Its not our main living area so it feels different to go there. And i get the satisfaction of knowing i fixed something that wasn't working for our family.

Btw according to BentoBaby, Mr. Potato head has a 'nakey tummy!'

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