Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Why does a 2 year old need spring break? What exactly is she burnt out on, coloring? *sigh* As you can probably guess Bentobaby is enjoying a spring break. While Mama is burnt out city. I'm not one of those moms who can parent 24/7 with out getting burnt out. I think those of you who can are great, not me. I'm going to the movies tomorrow for a much needed break. Plus our family has been under a great deal of continuing stress for the past week. Fun. My nerves are raw and bentobaby is deep into wanting to do everything herself. We encourage this as much as possible, but there are things she simply can't do. Enter fireworks.

ANYWAYS, I needed a new activity to keep her occupied. She's bored with our toys. (i hid a bag in the closet to bring out next week, old toys new again) I had an empty sensory box (used to hold Orbeez) but no idea what I was going to use in the box. Sand is an outside toy at my house, she already has a cotton, dress up, rice, and popcorn box. I did consider dry beans but those are for dinner in a few days. Then I remembered the cheap plastic beads from the dollar store. USE CAUTION when giving your child small objects. Bentobaby doesn't put things in her mouth and i stayed with her the whole time. I gave her a kitchen scoop, scraps of ribbon, an empty cream cheese container, and an empty spice shaker. She spent a good 20 minutes happily scooping and dumping beads while i enjoyed some blessed peace. Ahhhh.
(yes, her hair is being re-done today. She keeps pulling off her sleep cap and not using her satin pillow)


  1. My little girl LOVES making bead necklaces. Since BentoBaby doesn't put beads in her mouth, she might enjoy making necklaces. We use braiding cords for kids jewelry and the cheapo beads from the craft section of wal-mart!

  2. Great minds think a like! I had planned to buy the cords, but hubby already had some. The bead box didn't stay the same for long! :)

  3. hey there! there is a blog i read *shes also on my facebook* and she adopted a little girl from africa, and has so much advice on how to do hair!!


    maybe she could help you!