Thursday, June 9, 2011


I spent about 2 hours giving Bentobaby a head full of two strand twists. I LOVE this style. Its super low maintenance and it looked good for 3 weeks. She didn't lose many beads either, maybe 5 over a 3 week period. And the kiddo loves having a head of beads, lots of clanking noises. :)

Every other night her hair gets rinsed in the tub. Every night its sprayed with Darcy Botanical's Herbal Leave in Conditioning Spritz. I do not like the smell but it works well. In the morning I spray Bentobaby's hair with Greg juice. Eventually the ends start to feel dry, at which point i would add Darcy Botanical's twisting cream and a little coconut oil. That routine worked well. Her hair was shampooed twice while she had the twists. When we noticed her scratching at it often, time for a shampoo. After the first shampoo the twists still looked great. After the second the base of the twist were too fuzzy for me. Time to come out! :)

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