Sunday, June 12, 2011

Zoo bento lunches

Bentos for the Zoo. Our family spends $130 a year for a Zoo pass. Its such a blessing to us. We can go as often as we want and leave when we want without feeling like we need to get our money's worth. It does cost us a $4 toll each time we go. I pack a lunch to keep our trips low cost. Plus our pass lets us take 3 guests free each time we go. I love being able to invite people to a very cool and very cheap play date!

Bento baby used the Strawberry shortcake box. (dollar tree) She had toddler sized turkey sandwiches, (with daddy's home grown sprouts!) strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and a clementine.
J's bento box came from Old Navy of all places! It was $5. Its a very cool box. He has two pieces of cake (to split with Bentobaby and myself) strawberries, clementine, and a turkey sandwich.

My bento box came from Dasio. It was $5. I had the same sandwich, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and a clementine.

We did thrill bentobaby by purchasing a $5 bag of popcorn to split. She LOVES popcorn. It does big me a bit to pay so much for such a cheap product. Oh well! It was really good popcorn. :)

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