Monday, July 27, 2009

Cooking when the weather is boiling!

Today it was 100 degrees outside! I can't stand the heat. Great for drying laundry, not great for me. I refuse to cook when its hot outside. Our kitchen is already the hottest room downstairs and cooking makes me miserable in the heat. Luckily for me i have an easy going hubby who is perfectly happy to eat sandwiches. However while in Safeway we found a $15 round tip roast on sale for $6 in the reduced section. We buy reduced meat all the time and have never had a problem. The best way to slow cook a roast without creating tons of heat is in a slow cooker. However it does still create some heat, and I'm all about not creating extra heat in the summer. So we've started placing our slow cooker on the porch. Works great especially for things that need a really long time to cook, like pot roast. Tomorrow morning when the house is still cool I'll prepare our supper. We already have potatoes, carrots, onions and soup mix for the recipe. Tomorrow's dinner will be just $6, instead of the $23 pizza hut special.

Now i feel perfectly safe leaving our slow cooker outside because I am home all day. We have a fenced yard and 2 dogs that will notify me if someone approaches. I would not leave it outside if I was going to be gone or the cooker was in a less then private area. You never know what people will do and I'm not willing to chance someone messing with the food.

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