Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yesterday my darling hubby finished installing our umbrella clothes line in the back yard. I'm THRILLED. We do live in the pacific northwest no year round drying for us. But its worth while anyways, you see I hate hot weather. If the temperature goes above 75 in my house our little living room AC unit goes on. I know! People in hotter climates probably find it ridiculous, that is OK. Everyone makes different choices in accordance with their values. Our electric bill was just $70 last month with constant AC use. Wintertime it can be up to $250 a month. Full time AC doesn't bother me one bit!

While our little ac unit is plugging away making cold air our dryer is fighting back with hot air. Right next to the kitchen. The already hot and gets much hotter when I'm cooking kitchen. No thanks! We spent $45 (New *gasp*) on a 'solar dryer' to keep it colder inside, saving money is a wonderful bonus!

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