Monday, January 4, 2010

Our new goal.

Hubby and I have made an agreement to really buckle down with savings. We live fairly frugal in general but we don't deny our selves the things we want very often. In other words, not really as frugal as we can live. We spend money on things that really don't matter while seeing our adoption fund creep slowly upwards. We agreed starting January 1st, we'd really really buckle down. I am super excited about it because its making us think about whats really important to us.

We've already had some pinchy moments! For instance dh was off all last week. Normally we would have eaten breakfast out at least twice. We didn't eat breakfast out all week. And when we ran out of eggs, we had oatmeal. Very unusual for us! I put down a $1.50 pack of scrap booking stickers that I didn't really like and certainly did not need. Hubby loves boxers from old navy (last for years, great quality) and even though they were on super sale he didn't buy any. Because he really didn't need them. We spent more time at home working on projects. Hubby is fixing the pantry that has been on his to do list for months. I can already feel a change, and its not all financial.

Adoption fund $1,450 (we've had 3 very expensive repairs in the past 2 months)
can we make it to $10,000 by January? I do not know for sure, but we intend to do our best!

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