Friday, September 11, 2009

Bento dinner

Pretty bentos all ready to devour:
This bento was for dinner last night. We were running errands in the evening, i made dinner in a bento so we didn't eat fast food. J found me a new brand of dry ravioli, I still like Costco's much better but we can't find it. I swear every time we go and can't find it I add another bag to the bags I plan to buy when its in. Right now I'm up to 4 bags! Yum! We did find a 3 pound container of chocolate almonds for $9. I don't care for the yogurt variety, the chocolate will act as a gap filler for me.

On the left side hubby has peanuts, cheese cubes, avocado, sunflower seeds, broccoli and half a chocolate covered granola bar. On his right side he has the cooked ravioli.

Top tier has cooked ravioli. Bottom tier has avocado, sunflower seeds, cheese, broccoli, half a granola bar, two yogurt almonds.

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  1. Oh these look like fun! THis is Amyece from PH btw. Nice blog!