Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bento for Big and Little

Life has been crazy here the past week, and I haven't made many Bentos. I'll get to the reason later. For now my Hubby had his first activity with his 'little' from big brother. The two of them are going Frisbee golfing. Its important that the activities stay 'cheap' at first. That way the little doesn't expect/want pricey activities. We already own Frisbees, backpacks, and bento gear for lunch. We did buy a $7 water bottle for D because we weren't sure his parents would think about it. I was VERY excited to pack their lunch, I get to use my bento gear on a kid! I have no idea what he likes so I packed a variety of stuff.

Peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread cut into dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are standing on chocolate covered almond 'boulders' and broccoli 'bushes'. Behind them is a 'bamboo forest' made from pretzel sticks. And carrots lol!

Two ranch cups and animal crackers to share. J's fruit box grapes and peaches.

D's fruit cup, grapes and peaches.

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