Thursday, September 3, 2009

Major thrift store score!

J and I have been casually searching for a living room chair for several months. We sat in millions of chairs and he declared every single one that did not recline, uncomfortable. Now that is impossible.Every single chair is not uncomfortable. But he really wanted a recliner and I really did not. I find them rather ugly. We kept looking. Yesterday we went to out local market for their stellar produce deals. Right next door is a little faith based thrift store I love. Sitting out front was this baby.
For $100. WITH TAGS. Brand spanking new! J waited in the car while I asked the owner the price. He said he could tell from my face I wanted the chair, but I also didn't. $100 for a brand new recliner is a steal. And it would please my husband. But it would ruin the look I wanted in the living room. hmm. I'm a sucker, and its an easy thing for me to give up to make him happy. The chair came home with us. Of course I had to re-arrange the ENTIRE living room, that i had JUST re-arranged the day before. By myself because hubs has back problems right now. Now I have back problems too! lol. I keep telling J that is the last recliner we'll have in the living room. He looks at me with a twinkle in his eye and replies 'we'll see.' Mmmhmmm.

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