Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bento Baby's playroom

That is MY beautiful baby girl. *love*
This is bento baby's playroom. Well honestly the whole house is her playroom. But this is her area. I wanted to make it cute but not overly decorated. I don't believe in buying small children new furniture. When I pay a lot for something I want to keep it nice. But I don't want to stress about the toddler's furniture. I want it to be used but well made. She can beat it up all she wants and I won't care.

Her table and chair set was $10
The Dora organizer was $15
The wheel barrow she rammed into the table several times $5
Wall Decals $14 (and they stink, constantly falling off the walls. They look great but don't work well)

Total $44

Add that to the other total of $27, and it comes to $71.

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