Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hair care: an area my family splurges.

My beautiful daughter is African American. My husband and I are Caucasian. When we knew we were bringing our daughter home i asked everyone I knew for help. No one could help us. Even though some of the people are AA themselves. We bought a child friendly shampoo and leave in conditioner. One a week we washed her hair. Everyday we rinsed it and added a leave in. Thankfully Bentobaby's hair was very short and this was sufficient. But it grew. And grew. All the sudden it needed to be styled. A friend of church suggested puffs. (3-5 puffs) At first her hair looked awful but i mastered that. We added jojoba oil about once a week. Bentobaby's hair still felt dry. We needed more help. Finally someone added a link to Happy Girl Hair . I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have information! This website has been a lifesaver.

In the past few weeks I've ordered from Darcy Botanicals. I've bought a box of products from CurlMart. I went to Sally beauty supply. I bought elastic bands, hair beads, clips, decorative clips, a satin pillow. I even ordered Bento baby a SILK sleep cap. I've literally spent hundreds of dollars. While using free from the drugstore shampoo and conditioner on myself, I'm liberally coating bentobaby's head with products that cost $12 a bottle. Seems like a contradiction doesn't it? To me it makes all the sense in the world. I can use free products and still have nice looking hair. Bentobaby can't. Her hair is very tightly coiled and very dry. She needs the fancy expensive products. She needs to wear braids to protect her hair. My hair can sleep on a flannel pillow and still be fine, bentobaby's can't. This is an area we need to splurge in. Thankfully we are frugal in other areas so we can buy bentobaby's items.

Do I spend willy nilly? Nope! I'm still looking for deals, using online coupon codes. My sally card gives us deals and coupons. I bought a ton of hair decorations in the Valentines day sale at 75% off. I'm still doing my best to find the lowest price. And i'm learning not to cringe when the lowest price for her product is $10. (verses $0 for mine)

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