Friday, February 25, 2011

Dry Dry Dry

(be kind, i am just learning how to style her hair)

As I mentioned yesterday hair is a big obsession in our home right now. Bento Baby had short hair when she first came home. (17 months old) We used a line of products i found recommended on a website called Circle of friends. I used a leave in conditioner, spray detangler, and a once a week shampoo. Worked great. But now at 27 months she has quite a bit of hair. DRY hair. Her old routine and her old products no longer work. Which is a bummer because we just stocked up on several bottles!

I made two large purchases of new products. One to Darcy Botanical, and one to Curl Mart. I purchased several moisturizers. Darcy Botanicals' Shea butter moisturizing cream, coiling jelly, and twisting cream. I also bought Kinky curly's knot today, Carol's daughter hair milk, Greg Juice, and a spray leave in conditioner. I bought coconut oil online. (amazon $11.76 for 30 ounces. Used a $10 swagbucks card so 30 ounces cost just $1.76)

Our current routine is a rinse with water followed by an application of circle of friend leave in conditioner. After that we add Carol's Daughter's hair milk. Followed by a spritz of spray leave in conditioner. Her hair is still dry. The next morning i spray it (mix of leave in conditioner, spray detangler and water) and then add either Darcy Botanical's shea butter moisturizing cream ( I haven't seen any build up from the shea) or more hair milk. If her hair is loose i add the curling jelly (love it). Once done i spray her hair with Greg Juice. ITS STILL DRY. I added coconut oil this morning and it did feel a little better but not much. I'm so frustrated.

She sleeps on a satin pillow. Does not wear many hats or spend a huge amount of time in her car seat. I think her hair has gotten so bad it needs serious intervention. And more money. *sigh* Hopefully we'll figure out her product needs, our likes and dislikes and we won't be buying so much stuff.

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  1. My munchkin's hair is a different texture (he is AA/CA/hispanic), but we've found that washing with conditioner only in the tub is KEY to helping his hair. So on bath nights, his hair gets washed with conditioner instead of shampoo or plain water, and we shampoo on Saturday nights. If he had coarser, dryer hair like your daughter, I would probably only wash with shampoo once every two weeks.
    So we rinse the conditioner out in the tub, and then apply his oils/lotions to his hair and comb it out.
    Good luck finding a routine that works for your daughter! Sounds like you are eager to learn!