Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2 tips to avoid fast food on busy nights.

Twice a week Hubby and I take water aerobics. Its an hour long class and we love it. The problem is we get out of the locker room right when we would be sitting down to dinner. And we're even more tired/hungry after an hour of swimming. Did i mention we drive right past a Mc Donalds on the way home? I use two strategies to keep us from grabbing a burger.

1. Pack a snack.
Even if we will be eating right when we get home i try to pack some almonds to eat on the way home. This keeps us from driving through for 'just 1 cheeseburger' to tide us over.

2. Swim nights are quick dinner nights.
I usually use the crock pot to have dinner ready when we get home. I'll also serve sandwiches for quick meals. Today i made our dinner (Mexican lasagna from an article in Healthy Cooking) in advance, to bake when we get home. I haven't tried this before but the recipe can be frozen, so I think this will work fine.

I hate stopping for fast food on the way home from swim. After working out and feeling great from all the stretching I don't enjoy eating fattening foods! I'm also too worn out to cook a full meal, but with some pre-planning its not a problem. Dinner is served, and NOT from a bag! :)

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