Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do you have card game players in your family?

I like to play the occasional game. My mom and husband LOVE to play card games. Against each other, loud and rude having a great time. When i saw this post for a .24 cent game I jumped on it! I purchased mine at Target and the coupon scanned fine even though the cashier frowned over it. Hubby and I talked it over and decided to go back for more packs. The deals were not quite as good $1.99 a pack but the coupon saved $4 off each one.
Before coupons the cards would have cost $23.21 (i wouldn't pay that!)
After coupons $6.21
The scrabble game will go into the gift closet for mom's Christmas.
I was excited to find these coupons in two of the packages. I hoped to roll them into more card games but the have the item's sku on the side. However they don't expire till 12-31-2012 (for real!) so i should be able to find a good deal to use the coupon!

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