Monday, February 22, 2010

Budget Clothes, Thrift Store

The other day hubs and I stopped at the thrift store to look for items to make a homemade obstacle course for the dogs. (no luck) but I DID find this amazing skirt for $5! Its a Coldwater Creek skirt in perfect condition! I did forget to check the 'care' tag, and unfortunately its dry clean only. I never buy clothes I have to dry clean. But i thought about it and since I adore this skirt, i would have bought it anyways. I'll just be really careful and not wear it anywhere I eat. I tried to find a shirt that matches the green (looks blue in the photo) but I did not have any luck at that thrift store. I think this is one of those items you have to wear the item to find a match, its a very odd but beautiful shade! That is fine i have another shirt that should work while I'm looking for the perfect one. I LOVE this skirt, its pretty, lined, and flares nicely at the bottom.

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