Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keeping a cold somewhat frugal.

I've been hit with a nasty cold. Thankfully we have a BUNCH of medicine already. Rite Aid has done a major free after rebate on cold medicine for the past two years. We buy everything they offer.

No matter how frugal I am, I buy certain products when sick.

My must have cold items:
1. lotion tissues
2. Cepacol (this stuff actually numbs my throat)
3. Vicks vapor rub

When i first started getting sick Dh and I did a Walgreens deal for 3 boxes of lotion tissues. Because I had the good stuff from the start I didn't get the yucky, raw, peeling nose I normally get. While we were able to do a deal for the tissues, and already had plenty of Vicks (however it can be purchased from the dollar store if you need it) we did fork over $4 for the Cepacol.

Anyone else find cold medicine not helpful? Nothing i've taken ever makes me feel a lot better. I've been taking a few kinds because we have it. I don't think i would bother spending money on it. With my 3 must have cold items I could do just fine.

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