Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thrift store clothing finds

Do you shop the thrift store for clothes? I do. I used to hate the thrift store as a kid, i refused to go in there. Now my mom cracks up when i tell her how much I love the thrift store. I totally do. Not only can you find cheap clothes, you can find really well made cute items. I once bought a pink gap angora sweater for $2. Can't beat that! I love to hunt through the racks looking for an amazing find. I try to look only at the tags that are half off, but sometimes I find something I love and can't pass up.

I'm young, mid twenties and I like to wear cute clothing. I do like to own a few trendy pieces of clothing. That doesn't mean I buy something just because its trendy. It has to be an item i like, a color that looks good on me, and a cut that flatters my body. Not to mention a good buy! I'm also a plus sized gal, meaning it is harder to find cute items. Harder, but not impossible even at the thrift store.

This brand new t-shirt was marked $7. I paid $3.50. I LOVE this shirt. The style is very flattering, the color is great and its super comfortable. I will wear this shirt a lot.

This sweater was marked $6, I paid $3. At first i almost walked away from this because its a bit funky for my taste. I took it into the fitting room (and I despise fitting rooms, everyone teases me about my fitting room hatred lol) and to my surprise it looked really cute on. On the hanger it looked like a shapeless lump, but on me its adorable.

This shirt was $2, full price. I couldn't pass it up! I LOVE skirts, especially in the summer. Its still a little cold to wear this but when it warms up a few degrees I have a feeling this baby will get a lot of use.

This skirt (with my loved top) was marked $7. I paid $3.50. Its hard to see in the photo but it has a line of pink running down the fabric. I'll have to try the skirt and shirt on to see if I can wear them together. I love the embroidery on the skirt, unfortunately the date covers it up a little.

This skirt was also purchased from the thrift store but I can't remember for how much. I love it though, I've been looking for a cute floral skirt for months. When I found it i ran over to hubby who failed to be appropriately excited lol. The skirt looks perfect with my loved shirt. I really cant wait for the weather to warm up enough to wear this!

Excluding the skirt these clothes cost $12. For two skirts, a tee shirt, and a sweater.

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