Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clothes for thrift store haters

I know you exist. Some people just can't stand the thrift store. It doesn't matter if they can find new, perfect condition items for just a few dollars. They are not going in the thrift store. I have several friends like this. No matter what I say they are not shopping the thrift store. Does that mean they are doomed to spend a fortune on clothes? Not if they are willing to employ patience and foresight. There is a lot of ways to buy new clothes for cheap. Online, outlet stores, and my favorite clearance. While it may take longer to find that perfect pair of jeans shopping this way if your patient you can find great savings. My recent JcPenny stop yielded 3 purchases. I love JcPenny clothes. They are well made, I can usually find something cute, and with clearance find great bargains. Total for these 3 items before discounts, $108.99. OUCH!

This color looks great on me. Its a simple shirt but layered under a cute jacket (that I'm still looking for) it will look cute. In till i find the perfect cheap little jacket, the green shirt will look fine alone. Originally $30 (gasp!) I paid $5.97

Its hard to tell from the photo how cute this shirt is. On the shirt is fitted but not tight. The color is perfect. I loved this shirt enough to fork out $8.77. Originally it was $44.

I've been looking for a pair of dark jeans for months! I couldn't believe my luck when I found this pair for $6.97. Originally $34.99!

The 3 items cost me $21.71. Originally all 3 would have been $108.99, that is a difference of $87.28. Even thrift store haters are able to save a fortune on clothes if they are willing to shop around and wait.

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