Monday, March 1, 2010

How do you bento without a special bento box?

You don't have to have fancy equipment to bento. I like the pretty boxes, picks, and cups. But they are not strictly necessary. Some people do not have access to a Japanese store. Or find the prices on ebay or an import store unappealing. That does not mean you can not bento. I found this box at grocery outlet. (they have some good deals if you know your prices, but don't assume everything is a good deal)

The box is made by Farberware. Sized 820ml. Microwave/freezer safe. With tight fitting lids. (I have not yet done the water test to check just how tight) All for $2. If you wanted to make your bento a little cuter you could use the muffin cups from this post. They came from target and cost just $1. Or you could use the silicone bake ware as food cups, and the dip cups from this Dollar Tree post. Adding another $1-$2 onto the box's $2 price. I've seen cute food picks at Joann fabric (in the Wilton aisle) and at World Market. Having access to a speciality store is not necessary to bento. But they sure are fun!

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