Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are you excited???

As hubby and i go through the process to adopt from Africa we get asked that question a lot. And frankly, no I'm not. Because its going to be SUCH a long process (18 months). Not to mention the roller coaster of foster care and all the heart break involved there. I can't afford to get excited! I cope by focusing on the tasks we need to complete. If i focus on the baby, and how amazing the experience is going to be its far too rough on my heart! Please if you know someone who has suffered through infertility, failed adoption opportunities, and is now adopting again don't be surprised if they are not jumping with joy. They are probably afraid to get excited.

On the logistics side of it we are waiting on our dossier. We were able to pay off $3,000 of our $17,000 debt!! Slowly but surely the process moves forward.

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