Monday, March 29, 2010

Best cake ever.

I made a boxed cake last night. I used canned frosting on the cake. It is by FAR the tastiest cake I have ever had. And I have NO idea why, i did not do anything different. That is not true the frosting was in the fridge and too thick to spread. I glopped it on the warm cake to melt and spread. It was one ugly cake (I took all 3 Wilton cake classes its been a while since a cake's appearance did not matter) but super delicious.

I forgot to take a picture of this box closed. Its a two tier from *ahem* Lube Sheep. I decided to use this box instead of my big plain one because the plain one is too large with a sandwich. I love my carrot hummus sandwiches! Mmmm.

Top tier has tart strawberries, and the ugly but super yummy cake. Bottom has my usual carrots, sugar snap peas, ranch, and a little cheese.

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