Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bento packed without special bento equipment.

I wanted to make a bento without using any special bento equipment. Using items available at common stores. I used the $2 box bought at Grocery Outlet. I used one of the muffin liners from this post, they sell in a 6 pack for $1 at Target. I also used a mini muffin liner I'd purchased in a pack of 12 for $3 at World Market. The cookie cutter come from the thrift store and it cost .45 cents. Total equipment cost $6.45 (although this is slightly misleading because I only used 2 muffin liners not all 18)

This bento has sugar snap peas, carrots, hummus carrot sandwich, grapes, cheese and ranch.
If i was packing this bento to travel, I would not put the ranch in a muffin liner. I do have dip cups that were not purchased in a specialty store, but they are huge.

Everything used here sells in common stores. It is possible to make fun bento lunches without buying special bento equipment. But I like the special stuff.

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