Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Target bento finds: Easter gear

After I saw this post on Easter stuff for bento, I couldn't wait to get to Target. J had the Clone Troopers snack box in our cart so fast I hadn't even seen him pick it up! He was so excited! I wanted the transformers treat boxes, I love Transformers. We bought the big egg to use as a bento box. And the small M&M tin to hold Almonds.

Equipment cost:
Big Wonka egg $3.29
Star wars cups $2.29
Transformers cups $2.29
M&M tin $1.99

The plastic egg is another bento box (and a fun one!) that is readily available in the States. I've seen this egg is every Easter section I've checked. I'm not sure if the snack boxes will be used in bentos (maybe the tiffin? It is large) or I'll use them alone. We'll see! Everyone can bento, even if they do not have access to a Japanese store.

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