Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bento with leftovers

I made a quiche for dinner. I used a rice crust, 3 eggs in the filling, chicken breast, skim milk, and broccoli to make this quiche. My healthy version keeps the calories down and hubby prefers the taste of the rice crust to a pastry crust. One pie pan will feed us for more then two meals.

Hubby's bento. Two slices of quiche, carrots, part of a granola bar, chocolate covered plums, strawberries, sunflower seeds under raisins, ranch cup and broccoli.

My bento has a bunny ranch cup, strawberries, part of a granola bar, a few chocolate covered plums, sugar snap peas, carrots, and a slice of quiche.
Did you notice I used plastic grass as barran? I hardly ever use plastic grass because I'm not a fan of disposable items and I have been unable to find the silicone variety. But I did not want the quiche to touch other items. The quiche slices are a little large to stuff into a muffin liner. :)

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