Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Dollar Tree stop

On Thursday I made a quick stop at Dollar tree. I *should* be done for awhile as I now have tons of stuff! I went in for a purpose this time, the silicone half moon fit so perfectly into J's tiffin I wanted another. This dollar tree had a star shape as well, which fits in the middle portioning off the side of the tiffin. Pretty neat. The small tupperware is for dip, hubs requested a wider dip container for broccoli. I didn't think about how hard it would be to get a big piece of broccoli in the tiny dip containers! The dish cloths will be J's lunch napkins (when his hot wheels wash cloth is dirty lol) they are far smaller then our table napkins.
The blue box holds the bento boxes, and the clear containers behind hold the accessories. Notice how empty the blue box is? It did not stay that way for long! Of course I do not have the receipt so I'll say $4.40 from dollar tree. That plus the last dollar tree purchase and the previous total makes everything $76.14. Not a frugal amount for sure, but i comfort myself with the fact that we would have spent tons more money on fast food, and meals out. I'm building up my collection, sort of like an investment. Of course this only works out if I STOP buying so much stuff!!!!

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