Monday, August 31, 2009

Boring Tiffin lunch

This morning I took a few minutes to try and convince J (who has the duty of waking his wifey) that it really wasn't time to get up. He'd be fine letting me sleep but I've asked him to make sure I get up, because I really do hate morning. But it was time to get up and make a boring lunch!
At least its boring to me, to J its a very very good lunch. He bought 1/2 pound of garlic bologna for his lunches. BLECH! He thinks its delicious and its only $5 a pound, but yuck. The bread is the softest and fluffiest wheat I've ever seen. And it was a markdown! J's lunch is a garlic bologna, provolone sandwich. I slid some goldfish down next to the sandwich. J loves goldfish. Then he has broccoli and carrots with ranch. Bottom tier is apple sauce, grapes, and kiwi. See what I mean? Boring! But to hubby this is one gooooood lunch.
I made myself a small sidecar of fruit but I have not photographed it yet. I'll have a HONEY TURKEY sandwich and some veggies for my lunch. I'll try to remember to photograph it later.

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