Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily lunch bento

Yesterday's lunches all ready to go.

I Like my dragonfly box because its large, and easier for me to pack just one box. Its not as cute as I'd like, that is why I hate buying online. Very rarely purchase items online. I need to see them, touch them, check their quality. Usually when I purchase something online its something I've seen in person and can get online for a better price. Or its flea medicine, can't beat the price online!

Back to lunch. My bento (dark blue) had BBQ chicken, my first onigiri (did not stay together because my rice had cooled down, but i tried filling it with chicken) and cheddar cheese. Bottom tier holds blueberries and strawberries. The purple cup has hummus, which was eaten with carrots. J's (light blue) has chicken, cheddar, and a heart shaped egg. Below has sunflower seeds, 2 cookies, mango and his salt. Green box has strawberries and mango. Blue box below has broccoli, carrots and hummus. J reported not liking hummus with broccoli, instead he requests ranch for his vegetables. And apparently has decided to try and cut out sweets. That is quite odd, he's never tried that before so we will see!

I am going back to bed!

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