Monday, August 3, 2009

Yesterday's bento lunch

Tiffin packed and ready to eat. The napkin holds our spoons for the pudding. I used the furoshiki 'made' to carry the Rubbermaid bentos as a table cloth even though it does not hold the tiffin. Park picnic benches can be quite dirty.

Our lunch yesterday was quite yummy and fun. In the past 3 days we've gone to 3 different parks just to eat lunch. This time we loaded up our Corgi to go too. I pre-froze the mango pudding packs to act as edible ice packs per Lunch In a Box's idea. Our tiffin was not left at room temperature for very long and the pudding was still frozen. Frozen pudding is very gross! :)

The fruit section has a sliced banana, strawberries, mango pudding and blueberry strawberry kabobs. The kabobs were very fun and easy to eat. The tin on the right has turkey, cream cheese roll ups. I used 2 spinach wraps. Normally i make my own but not when its so hot. The bottom tin holds carrot sticks, cheddar bites, munster bites, mango pudding and an egg that did not turn out very pretty! lol.
This lunch took me about a half an hour to make. After chowing down J and I took the corgi for a short walk he enjoyed. He also enjoyed the bits of food snuck to him under the table! Look at that face, its impossible not to give him pieces. :) Hubby and I are having a really great time eating bentos, especially when we take it to the park. Its very soothing. Not to mention cheaper and healthier then take out!

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