Saturday, August 29, 2009

Check out this baby:

To you it probably looks like a plain old boring muffin pan. But to me? Thrilling! I've been looking for a mini muffin pan at all the thrift stores (nada) discount stores (Nope) and regular stores we visit (yes). The cheapest price I'd found was $5. I don't want to pay $5. I want to pay less! Sure it was annoying waiting for the pan. I wanted mini muffins and I wanted them now! (insert screaming 2 year old voice) But I decided I was going to wait in till I found a good deal. Mini muffin pan is NOT a need, its a want. Finally i ran across this shiny little pan at our local thrift store for .45 cents! You may be thinking 'big deal its only $5, get a grip' Sure its $5 this time, but next time it could be $20. Or $50. The point is not only did it not harm me to wait till I found a very good deal, I had the thrill of the find as well. When I found this pan I quietly squealed and went scooting over to hubby to wave it in his face. Would you do that in Walmart? I hope not! lol.

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