Sunday, August 9, 2009

Snack Bentos

Friday I sent J to work with a snack instead of a full lunch. He was getting off early and I had the tiffin ready at home. Quick tip, a tiffin is not a good box for the car. Too hard to hold the bowls, jiggle everything and feed the driver. Next time I'll pack the big Tupperware box. I forgot to take a photo of that lunch so instead here are some snack photos.
J's work snack:

Bob holds a pig in a blanket, (gross but hubby wanted it) cheese triangles, sunflower seeds, dip for the carrots. Lion holds cherries and carrots. The snack container holds crackers. They made fun of him at work for the lion containers like we knew they would. J could care less, he thinks its funny. About half of this was eaten, the rest went into our tiffin lunch. All 3 containers came from the dollar store. I used the bob the builder box so J could reheat the hot dog at work.

J's snack from a few days ago:

Bob has triscuits, cherries, munster, and dried mango

My snack:

Strawberry shortcake has cheddar, mango, grapes and generic ritz.

I can not believe how much fruit and vegetables we're consuming. Even when we use our juicer everyday we dont go through this much fruit. Mmm fresh juice sounds good too.

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