Tuesday, August 4, 2009

$1 bento supplies

Dollar Tree bento finds!

After finding this post in the lunch in a box forum, I figured another stop at Dollar Tree would be worth a shot. We went to a different Dollar tree which I think helped. I purchased the bob the builder and strawberry short cake boxes mainly for children we have not yet been blessed with. They were an awesome price, and dollar tree sometimes carries things for a very short time. Adults can use them too! in fact J wants to take the pink set to freak out the guys at work. He is in the Navy. :) I purchased the shampoo bottle set for the contact cases. Except now they are dip cases. The bottles will go in the bathroom for when J loses his current set. The lion and monkey containers fit in hubby's tiffin without their lids on. The big clear boxes in the back (2) are to hold all the bento goodies, I'm more then a little physco about being organized.

In fact I bought these cute little boxes to go in the big boxes. That way the tiny pieces are not rolling around in the bottom of the big box. One of them holds ice packs in the freezer, two are being used in the clear boxes. I'll find a spot for the other 3 elsewhere. Which means they do not count in the bento total!

Dollar tree supplies $10.80

The next stop was Goodwill. We were scouting items with bento potential. We found a square tupperware container with a built in dip jar. They wanted $5 for it. That didn't make it home with us :) However I was lucky enough to find this thermal jar for .99 cents.

I don't think it had been used. The tag was still on the bottom. Perfect container for J to carry hot items to work. Fred Meyer had the exact some jar in their lunch section for $8. Score!

Goodwill total $1.07

At Fred Meyer we bought the ice blanket to use for bentos. It was not my idea, the smart Biggy had the idea. I searched everywhere in the store for reusable ice cubes, those would be tons cuter then the ice blanket. I'll have to watch for them the next time we go shopping. (Not today, I'm zonked!) The ice blanket while not a $1, was $2.25. J cut it up into small packs, and he did an awesome job didn't nick any of the goo.

Fred Meyer $2.50

Total spent yesterday $14.37 + $40 previous = $54.37 Eek, may have to slow down the bento purchases!

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    my parents will not let me order bento boxes online so i can't buy new supplies when i need um

    those were wonderful ideas!~

    i'll try some of them out!!