Monday, August 17, 2009

How to stuff a kong ball

Why use a kong ball? Because dogs like to chew, and bored dogs will find their own form of entertainment. Rarely something you approve of! I buy boxes of dog treats for $2 a package or less. I'll spend more if I let my cheap supply run out. Extreme busy bones, and other packaged easily digestible bones run about $1 each, $2 a pack after sale and coupon. The big ones last our 80 pound lab mix 10 minutes. That is $1 for 10 minutes of peace. I can stuff a kong ball for way less and get the same 10 minutes of peace. We use brand name Kong balls because they last and stuff well, I have purchased the cheaper versions and I don't like them. Big dog has the XL dog, the corgi has a large. Our dogs do not chew the balls themselves, they've had them for 2 years.

How to stuff a Kong
Step one: Kick the big dog out of the kitchen because he whines and stands on his back legs when he sees the kong balls. (he can stand and walk exceptionally well on his back legs, he's a circus dog I swear)
Step two: Assemble supplies and tell big dog to shush whining does not make it go faster! :) Supplies needed: 2 balls, peanut butter, and treats.

Step three: Smear empty kong ball with peanut butter. Really spread it around inside but not on too thickly. You want them to lick all over the kong to get every glob of peanut butter up.

Step four: Pick out dog treats and snap in half the ones for little dog's kong. His kong is not stuffed as hard as big boys because he gives up if its too difficult.

Step five: stuff little dog's kong full but not packed. Smear the big hole with peanut butter, then place a treat in the center of the peanut butter.

Step six: PACK the big dog's kong full. Not so full that the treats won't wiggle, but packed enough to keep the treats firm. Smear the end of his in peanut butter and place in his treat.

Step seven: Separate the dogs to prevent fighting over the balls. Give to happy wiggly dogs.

Little dog took 13 minutes to un-stuff his. Big boy took 17 minutes to finish his.

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